Brooklyn Engagement Photography | Ditmas in Fall

November 30, 2014

Gems from Brooklyn!  

I was sold on these two when they came in to meet me last summer. Great senses of humor and a loving way that they are together.  Though they are getting married in Massachusetts, they live near the Cortelyou station in Brooklyn – hence the mural above.  

It apparently started with a kiss at a party in college.  First they were acquaintances, then friends, then best friends and then suddenly it was all there. They knew they had something special.  And they do.  

Part of getting your portrait made involves a little anxiety, and sometimes starting at a beer garden helps.  We hit some of their favorite neighborhood places: a bar, a restaurant, a beautiful street for romantic strolls, the bagel shop and of course at home with the cats. 

Looking forward to their wedding this summer.  Some suggested there may be a fife and drum in the mix.