Jamaica Plain Family Photography .:. Arboretum

September 17, 2014

When a two year old’s first move after getting out of her stroller, and pointing out to you that the?grass is wet and telling you it’s called condensation, you strap in for the ride.
I’ve found while I love photographing people, any kind of person really, I am particularly enamored with photographing engineers. ?They understand and follow directions with a precision that I find remarkable. ?And they have, as I have learned from dating one myself, a fairly low?tolerance for both vague direction and misinformation.

This little one’s parents are scientist and engineers. ?They are kind and loving and patient parents. ?Couple that with being serious about play because, after all, one of our party is 2 years old, and we are bound to have an enjoyable portrait shoot. ?I have found that taking the ‘yes, and’ improv approach the most rewarding with both children and my grandmother.

This ‘yes, and’ is the reason why in a matter of moments we were off in the Bradley Rose Garden looking for Ferdinand’s lost pink shoes. ?Who exactly is Ferdinand? ?We, the adults, were not entirely sure. ?Likely the bull, it was decided. ?Likely from a book at preschool. ?And why was he missing his pink shoes? ?This, my friends, remains a mystery for the ages.

Presented here are a few of my favorite images from this magical Boston family photography portrait session in the Arboretum.