MIT Chapel Wedding Photography| Harvest Restaurant Reception

August 13, 2014

“Keeping it simple. Keeping it real. ” Words direct from the bride’s mouth, and completely accurate for a midweek Cambridge wedding. ?It was a super chill atmosphere at the Charles Hotel as the bride and groom got ready. ?She helped him with his collar, he zipped up her dress. They were sweet and gentle with each other, sneaking kisses in the in between moments.
The Tuesday evening ceremony was held at Saarinen’s beautiful MIT chapel, where guests were greeted by organ music. ?The organist played, and two beautiful mozart arias were sung along with two readings.

Post ceremony and portraits, we all went over to Harvest in Harvard Square. Cocktail hour (with oysters!) on the patio alongside a delicious wine array and of course the groom’s favorite, margaritas, for the opener.

A leisurely meal was followed by toasts and cake, two ways [carrot and chocolate, if you’re curious].

My own toast to a beautiful and loving couple who did indeed keep it simple and keep it real.

a little overview of the Chapel design here: