Boston Engagement Photography .:. Fountain Park, Wilbraham

July 5, 2014

I had been looking forward to meeting this couple in person, having already decided from a few phone conversations that they were terrific. ?And as it happens, they were. Not only do they foster?rescue dogs, and adopted one of their own (Macy – a Great Dane Border Collie mix of perfection), but Miss Sadikins was invited along to the engagement portrait session at Fountain Park. We were all fast friends,?obviously.

D. and P. are each dedicated to their careers (nurse/firefighter) and to Macy and to building a life together. ?They admitted they were a little nervous about getting their portraits made, but I think you’ll agree that they did an amazing job.

Fountain Park turned out to be an ideal spot for us; the dogs had free range and there was an?old pheasant barn white washed walls!), huge fields (running!), and trees. ?It was still edging toward 90 degrees in the evening, but we made it in before the storm. Sadie had a great time with Macy, and they each photobombed in their own loving way.

So excited to see these two again in September for their wedding in Jamaica.