Chamberlain Farm Wedding Photography

June 25, 2014

All of the things.  This wedding had all of the things. Love, joy, bollywood flash mobs. Making memories and magic. N and J, the morning after the sangeet, gathered together with their friends and family at Chamberlain Farms in Berkely.  A gorgeous venue, and the first time for me at this family has owned farm sitting pretty on it’s little cranberry bog.

The wedding ceremony was held outside on the garden behind the pavillion.  N and J were each walked in by their family, and the ceremony  (a interfaith, secular service that wove in Indian customs) was officiated by a dear friend.  Their brothers stood up for them as their respective best men.

Exit for costume change. N ditched her sari for a suit, J slid a purple tutu under her white dress.

The reception was held in the white tented pavillion.  Centerpieces centered around their collection of amber glass growlers. Elephant cake toppers a little callback to the elephant tablescapes at the sangeet.

Their first dance was a force. Complete with twirls  and flashes of that purple tutu.  Just the usual zero-to-sixty dance party.  Speeches. SO many speeches. And the usual tears and laughter and shivers and hugs that go with heartfelt pourings of love.

Didn’t get enough of time to fully explore the corn maze.  But there’s always next time.

Many thanks for the sensational Steph Stevens for joining in the magic making.