Boston Maternity Portrait .:.

June 11, 2014

Here are two of my favorite images from this Boston maternity portrait session, which turned into a lovely day with cousins and sisters and snacks and all the catch-up visiting one can leisurely pursue on a sunny Sunday afternoon. If you asked me, pre my 2009 move ‘back east,’  if I could bring any of my California clients along with me I would have put this couple in the top tier of the list. They had an amazing wedding in Los Angeles and it was at their engagement session that I discovered (literally on a parking space) the phrase that I have adopted as my own – blisswork.  When they had their first child, it was, alas, too far for me to journey west.

But life moves forward and as such things happen, they have also moved east, due to a fancy-Manhattan-based-change-the-world job.  So when they were expecting their second child, we arranged to meet half-way between us, outside of Hartford, to shoot a family session and to document the sensational belly you see here. This big brother couldn’t be more excited about addition.

And so we made it a little intro to summer party.  Because, summer.  You are finally here.  Just like this baby.