Boston Family Photography .:. Catching up with Cal

June 23, 2014

Time. It flies. This cliche is especially noticeable when I see my friends’ children.  These babies are entirely different, and often doubling in size, every time I visit. As children do, I suppose.  But it’s still wondrous. Last week was chock full of three wonderful visits with dear friends and their stunning children.

I took advantage of Bunker Hill Day and drove north. For a lunch date, a swim and a mini portrait shoot. Last time we caught up with this little guy, it was nearly a year and a half ago.

Today he is quite the big boy, entertaining me with his marble games and showing me how he feeds his chickens while chasing them around the yard.  We cooled off with a swimming excursion to his family boathouse on Dublin Lake.

Here is Cal! Though not staying still for long, clearly growing more charming by the moment.