San Juan Vacation!

April 30, 2014

Friday we arrived, or more precisely, we groggily took possession of The Library at Dreamcatcher Guesthouse in the wee hours of Saturday morning. Oh how carelessly we shrugged off the ac unit, shoving the remote control under the throw pillows.  This came to be a decision we would regret as the number of mosquito bites rose. But humidity and itches aside, we were lulled to sleep by the symphony of the coqui and the smell of huge ocean.

Dreamcatcher was exactly the little dream that I was hoping for. And The Engineer loved it too.  Best surprise: outdoor shower for me! I was in heaven.

The first day the beach too windy for the beach but ideal for El Castillo. Kite flew – the best one a giant octopus waving its eight legs over the scattering of families below.

Of all the meals we ate Jose Enrique, though a trick to find, was the best. Absolutely worth the trouble of finding. Scallops in a pumpkin pur?e, corvina with yams, papaya and avocado and the absolute best flan de china I can imagine. The Engineer had the strip steak, beans rice and plantains.

We kept a sweet schedule of beach mornings, lunches, naps and exploring.

Our last day, I focused on a making a memory of all senses: the heat of the sun, slippery skin in the the water as the sunscreen and sweat slither off in the waves, the salty water cooling my body, the glistening of water droplets in The Engineer’s whiskers as he smiled.

 I loved the whole thing.