What Is Making Me Happy This Year (2013 edition)

December 31, 2013

Have I been shrouded in the deepest mystery? Engaged in otherworldly pursuits? Nope. Just busy.

2013 has been a whirlwind, and here I go again obviously not blogging as much I intend.  The evidence of this is the folder quietly filling up on dropbox.

But now here it is in one fell swoop!

What is making me happy this year?  My clients! More things that are making me happy this year:

  • The eclectic podcast quartet that regulates my listening week (specifically PHCC, Savage Love, 99% Invisible and BackStory)
  • Dinner parties around Game of Thrones (lemon cake, anyone?)
  • A subscription to the Huntington Theatre
  • New friends made through Co (like neighbor/comic artist inkydave)
  • Scandal, my new soap engine of choice
  • Learning HVAC from the gorgeous mind of Maskcara
  • Last minute trip to Wilmington to visit another cherished friend and cheer her on at her museum opening at the DCCA
  • Our trip to San Francisco, where everyone I knew was either having babies, buying houses or getting hips replaced – yet still wanting to eat oysters and drink wine and laugh (thank goodness)
  • watching a dear friend graduate, get a job and be so happy doing good in the world
  • The Engineer for his affections, support and ever practical gift giving

Many happy wishes for 2014!