Boston Boudoir .:. Prep School – Hand and Foot

July 19, 2013

Lisette?is one on my?favorite?ladies, and?stylists of all time. ?I invited her to do a series of guest posts for those of you who may be interested in have a boudoir portrait made.

Hands. They run through your hair, they draw attention to wherever they’re placed and they also get a lot of play in boudoir photography so prep them with some love as well!? Getting a pro manicure is always a relaxing treat but remembering to exfoliate and moisturize your hands, feet and nail beds goes a long way.

No time for a pro manicure? Do it yourself. Trim and file.? Use some peroxide to re-whiten your fingernail tips by soaking them in there for a couple minutes, coconut oil to soften then push back the cuticle, and a simple clear coat of polish and you’ll look fresh and touchable right down to your toes.