Boston Boudoir .:. Prep School, Lisette on touchable skin

July 17, 2013

Lisette?is one on my?favorite?ladies, and?stylists of all time. ?I invited her to do a series of guest posts for those of you who may be interested in getting a boudoir portrait made.

Exfoliate, moisturize (& then bronze, if you want).? Repeat.? Do this all week leading up to your shoot and not only will you have insanely soft supple skin but you’ll be radiating with all the self-love you’ve lavished on your largest and most visible asset.

Then:?Moisturize all day.? Moisturize your lips, your face, your neck, your?d?collet?? your knees, your heels, your booty.

If you want a soft bronze glow, pick up a great self tanner like St. Tropez and start developing that glow a few days in advance.? But be sure to get help for the hard to reach places and hard to see streaks.? If you want truly flawless tanner application?? Invest in a big kabuki brush and use it to buff on your liquid or mousse tanner for an airbrushed finish.? But, again, give yourself a trial run with any product well in advance of your photo session just to be sure.