Boston Boudoir .:. Prep School, Lisette on HAIR

July 15, 2013

Lisette is one on my favorite ladies, and stylists of all time.  I invited her to do a series of guest posts for those of you who may be interested in having a boudoir portraits made.


This can really be one of your biggest assets in an Intimate Portraiture shoot.  Playing up the texture of your hair begs for it to be touched right through the photograph. Treat yourself to a trim and refresh the color the week prior to your shoot.  Deep conditioning the day before will give you a healthy light-and-shadow-catching sheen (I use coconut oil and wrap my hair in a scarf overnight then wash in the morning).  Add a light spritz of shine spray to further catch the light on the day-of.  Or adding salt spray will give you soft earthy bedroom-y textures.

Hair is sexy at any length.  Whether you keep it touchable-tousled or coiffed into a pinup style, showing some love to your tresses pre-shoot will go a long way to creating come-hither images.