TPlex Wedding Photography .:. Detroit

June 6, 2013

More images from Detroit! I knew this gorgeous redheaded bride from my days in San Diego. ?When she and her man decided to get married, and do it in Detroit, they asked me to come out to the Motor City to join them. ?I’ve photographed quite a few of the folks that also made it out – so it was a reunion of sorts.
I loved my weekend in Detroit. From the airport pickup (brides dad and a van and a big hug!) to the pizza and bowling rehearsal dinner to the wedding day detour for the Packard Plant to the mason jar of Chivas they handed me at the end of the night – I loved the whole thing.?The feast was amazing – at least three full courses of Polish food. ?And loads of beer (in a boat) and champagne.

The bride, whom I met while she was getting her masters in architecture, crafted and assembled nearly all of the decor. Maybe I should do a second post just on that – since it was so spectacular. ?We even managed to do the whole wedding party portraits at the grounds of the Packard Plant without the bride and groom seeing each other. This explains the groom in the van with a black blindfold. ?I will let the bride take full credit for organizing that.

The floor below the wedding at the TPlex was set up with a Model T that we could climb around in and use for pictures – hence the staged driving with bottle images. ?No worries, no one actually got behind the wheel.

The day after the wedding, some mutual friends and I explored Belle Isle.