Boston Wedding Photography .:. Civil Ceremony Public Garden

June 10, 2013

If I don’t just do it and start posting blog entries right away, I will never catch up. And when I have such a beautiful and classic Boston wedding to share I want to do it right away – blog calendar and chronology be damned!
this was a last minute engagement (on my part – being engaged as their wedding photographer I mean) and they booked me for a Monday morning civil wedding ceremony at the Boston Public Garden. ?The groom lives here. The bride lives in Chicago. They met and fell in love and wanted to get married right away. Their big family wedding will be in India later this year. This will explain why there were so many cell phones present – not to record precisely but to broadcast to their parents. ?All of the people present pulled out their iphone and skyped in the parents and grandparents of the bride and groom. ?For once the now ubiquitous iphone presence at a wedding was in fact touching. ?The groom teared up when speaking with his father (via video chat on phone) after the ceremony.

It was both very modern and absolutely classic. ?Both that moment and the rest of the morning.

Here are a few from the small and?intimate?wedding coverage.

I love this kind of work!