And we are off to New York!?To attend a wedding (once in a great while I actually get invited as a guest , or in this case a plus one, and not a vendor). ?So being on the other side of things means I have to figure out appropriate attire – which has been more of a challenge than I realized. ?Invitation says picnic attire, but feel free to jazz it up.
what does this even mean?

I decided to interpet this as a chance to channel Jessa Johansson, since I am pretty sure that I have the same pair of flowery rayon pants that she is wearing in the season one promo shot. ?And I have this hat. ?Description from the Goorin website :

It?s the hat that lets you tell your story without ever having to say a word. For work or play. For every day. A hat for every head.?With a brim wide enough to protect from the seaside sun and add some mystery in the shade, floppies are lighthearted, fun and always glamorous.

So that’s that. Lighthearted, fun, glamourous is nearly jazzy picnic, right?

Have a beautiful weekend!