While these two live a few doors down from me and Sadie here in Boston, they decided to get married in the?beautiful?mountains?of New Hampshire. Boston wedding photography goes north . . .
J. and E. were married in her hometown of Walpole, New Hampshire at the Unitarian Church. ?The ladies got ready at the beautiful historic Inn at Valley Farms?before heading over to the chapel in downtown Walpole where a family friend officiated.

E.’s?parents hosted the celebrations at their home, which had one of the most stunning views of the season. ?The entire day was flawless! ?Some of my favorites here – more in the gallery section of the website.

A pretty big wedding party (the bride and groom here were respective captains of the men and women’s rowing teams at Trinity College, which starts to explain the?relative?height of the wedding guests) and a pretty big party all around – the band shook the tent until the groom brought out his recent culinary purchase – ?a hot dog steamer. So by midnight the groom and his best man were serving up hot dogs as a night caps. And yes, I indulged.

How much fun was this wedding? Can I let the picture of the groom?crowd-surfing at the very end of this post explain? A couple of gorgeous goofballs, these two.

A big ups to Jennifer Matthews of Memorable Events for coordinating and?Groove Authority for getting everything shakin.’