Mark Higgins asked me to shoot a wedding with him in Maine. ?He said I would like this couple. ?They were cool and artistic and he had photographed their adorable?engagement session at the Somerville Theater. ?He said the wedding would be great. And that we would have fun.
And he was right. ?As perfect as a day in June can be. ?Lake side, with sweet, earnestly in love clients and a loving and joyous family. Under the sun, under the stars.

Mark also invited another photographer friend of ours, Meg. ?So it was three of us who drove up in Mark’s jurassic mini van and covered the wedding day celebrations. When the ?reception ended, the wedding party had drifted around a bonfire. ?Our gear packed, and lost iphones found, it was Meg and Mark and me jumping in Sebago Lake in our underwear to cool off before the long and dark ride back to Boston.

Since the wedding was in capable hands, I limited myself to one lens. ?A 50mm. ?It’s a lens I use quite a bit anyway. ?For certain things. I like the optics of it, I like the framing, just slightly wider than my own vision. ?It was a challenge to keep one lens on all day. ?I wasn’t able to approach things as I typically do. And shot some unexpected surprises.

Here are the results!