Give me a moment. Just need to get up on that soap box. ?There now. ?There’s a nice view from up here.
I’ve noticed over the past few years that clients don’t want albums as much as they used to. ?They ‘just want the digital files.’ ?I get that. ?We are in the constant evolution in how we consume media and view images. ?We reflect on our life through?the visual records easily?available?to us through screens; scrolling through photo galleries on our phones, timelines on?facebook, instagram or pinterest.

All of that is fine. ?I do it – clearly (see this very blog).?But I also treasure the experience of holding actual objects. ?Photographs and albums that don’t need any tool to interface with them. ?No electricity. ?No internet access. ?You can hold them, and touch them and these objects become nearly as important as the images within.

Here are a few images from an album I designed and made recently for a 2011 couple. ?They are excited to keep this on their coffee table, to share it with friends and family who are visiting. This experience on remembering and sharing those memories is so much more intimate than sending someone a gallery link.

Okay. I’ll get down now. ?And start designing some more albums.

note: main camera is in the shop, and the back ups are packed away for a shoot tonight – so I had to resort to shooting these with my phone. ?le sigh. ?it comes to this. ?