Grey skies, a little sprinkle, a downpour – sometimes wedding day weather patterns just aren’t ideal. There are days when the sun doesn’t peep out one time, when the grassy berm you are supposed to walk along to the aisle ends up melting into mud, when the great outdoors turns into a chilly huddle under a tent.
The thing is, these rad brides weren’t letting any permutation of water stop the party. This was, obviously, why they chose to wear short dresses (direct quote).

Guests were greeted with mugs of steaming cider, and under a series of umbrellas and tents the wedding began. ? Joyful tears all around. ?These brides, and I’ll be honest – the rest of their flag footballers, get high fives for their excellent and uninhibited dance floor moves.

To top ot off with a night at the Manchester Inn, which may now be may favorite place to stay in Vermont – best sheets ever!