It’s Christmas morning, and Miss Sadie and I are about about to head to the park. ?Her gift to me this year was letting me sleep in and read Mindy Kaling’s book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And Other Concerns). ?I needed that sleep in after the five hours of eating Italian food at my cousins’ last night to be followed by the minimum of five hours of eating I will later do at my parent’s. It’s a chore sometimes, being Italian.
This is my tree. ?I made it with gaffer’s tape while I watched a bunch of old NewsRadio episodes on netflix. ?When I posted it on fb, it was liked a bunch of times, making me feel arty and a little cool. ?Looking at this tree, while Sadie impatiently sits and looks at the door, I am thankful to have had an epic year of imagemaking. ?Thanks for reading and looking at my work. ?Thanks for being a part of my world. ?In fb likes or otherwise.

From the our little apartment in the Fens, have a beautiful day. ?Hopefully, it’s filled with eating and grandmas.