Oh, that’s right. Another couple from the dog park went and got themselves engaged. On a trip to Italy. Pretty romantical, guys.
For some reason it only occurs to me months and months after moving to the Fenway that the Fens are possibly one of the best places in the city to shoot location portraits with that romantic pastoral feel.

In any case, it does occur to me, and C and J and Mr. Gus met up with me on that beautiful Sunday afternoon (yeah that one that felt like a perfect day in June). Just the right time – ending with that magical three quarters of an hour where the light is warm and soft spectacular and straight out of camera gold caressed flair. ?Yum.

Expanding a little from the usual loops we do with the dogs, we took to the other side of the muddy river for the afternoon. ?These two have known each other since they went as friends to senior prom. ?Fast forward long distance dating and finally moving to Boston together and getting the lovable Gus.

Us dog park people, we do?occasionally?go out without the furry ones. ?So I have been out on the town with C and J, and I know they like to party. ?Their?families?will be invited up north for their wedding at the State Room next fall. ?I suspect it will be a beautiful evening with lots of love and dancing. ?And that’s how it should be.

apropos of prom: I am still friends with my senior prom date who now lives in Shanghai with his boyfriend, and although we did spend one memorable weekend together dancing in Amsterdam, I’m quite sure he will never put a ring on this finger. ?I’m just holding out to photograph his wedding one day. ?I’ve always wanted to visit China.