Jewish Colombian Wedding Ceremony

October 26, 2011

and BOOM. Just when you think you have a weekend off, you get a last minute call.  The message was hilariously cute and I couldn’t resist.  Umm . . .of course, I wanted to head down to New Jersey by train.  It’s the most romantic way to travel (expecting zeppelins). Of course, I wanted to photograph Sam and Isabel’s wedding. Of course, I wanted to shoot and party in glamorous New Jersey. Oh, you have a vision of what Brooklynites getting married in an American Legion Hall in Leonia would look like? Do you?

Described by the groom as an inaccurate mix of early twentieth century pastiche (which it was, and I adore both the description and the aesthetic), this wedding mixed just a little more of the unusual in there.  Namely chicharr?n and basement shuffleboard, Coke and Colombiana, frenet and aguardiente, salsa and the horah.  Not your standard pairings, though they all married well.  (ridiculous foodie pun intended)

So, I like aguardiente.  When the bride asks to do a shot with me, who I am to refuse her.  It’s her wedding day.  Right?

So, yes. I am very glad I went.