Say hello to what may be the cutest hyper local wedding of the year.
Transportation? We?ll walk. ?We?ll walk and make a parade.?Venue? A few blocks from the house, it?s easy to walk when you have your own parade.?Music? ?Oh the friends we have are amazing singers and guitar players and drummers and trombone players. ?It?s pretty cool.

Troubadors of Joy. That’s how they were referred to by their officiant. And after spending time with them at their wintery engagement session, where we stood up to mid-thigh in a snowbank, to six months later under the equally spectacular July sun. ?I agree. ?These two are absolute?troubadours?of joy.

More things to?adore about this wedding (as if the parade wasn’t enough).

Various references to S.’s Chewbacca impressions. ??The?plastic knife mock fight a-la-west side story. ?The giant head bride and groom hand-painted bean bag toss lawn game. ?The family dance party toast. ?The JP licks ice cream sundae bar.

Hello,?cutest hyper local wedding of 2011. ?You are blisswork.