Fill in the blank:
I love you more than _______.

Like a wedding vows mad lib,? she said it.? During her wedding vows.?I love you more than vodka.? A sentiment which apparently held weight with the guests and with the groom, as they roared with laughter.? The afternoon rain held off for the outdoor ceremony right in Post Office Square, as we stood dwarfed by buildings on this lovely little patch of green. ?Later, the city glittered below us from the BC Club’s 36th floor.

Like other photographers out there, I do kind of fall in love a little with my clients when I photograph them. ?Like anyone else at a wedding, I get emotionally moved. ?To tears sometimes. ?Sometimes to laughter. ?Emotions can be contagious. Enthusiasm as well.? Living to 1000% is a thrill ride to witness and photograph. I love it. I love it more than gin.

The joyous laughing. ?The smitten glances. The nervous excitement. The belly laughs. The dance moves. It’s all there. It’s blisswork.