My summer 2011 bucket list is a mix of the reasonably achievable and the pretty ridiculous (the likelihood I get to have a make out dance party with Mayer Hawthorne possibly being the most remote). Having worked all weekend, and moved the studio to it’s new swanky address-impressive location, I decided to give myself Monday off to check one thing off my list: seeing Peddocks Island.
Like every kid funneled through the Boston Public Schools, I toured George’s Island for a class field trip.? That memory of elementary school,? Shutter Island and Wickett’s Remedy (a book that uses marginalia written by ghosts!) were about the only things I knew about the Boston Harbor Islands.

Park ranger, islander, and new friend Suzanne, gave me and my parents a fascinatingly detailed history while walking us through most of the island’s five drumlins.? I took a ton of photographs.? Clearly, I’m ever obsessed with the New Topographics landscapes. Some things just don’t change.

Others wilt away.? It was not a little heartbreaking to see so many little cottages silently breaking down in the elements.? Stunning to see the remaining military buildings, batteries and housing camped along the edge of the island. It was the perfect Monday vacation.? We even took a little swim, with a view of the city as a backdrop.? Bliss achieved.