It happened at their engagement portrait session, and I witnessed it again on their wedding day. Just near proximity to each other, and their demeanor changes. Lighter. Giddier. Literally starry-eyed. Beaming rays of sunshine at one another.? Hand to God, I actually saw that happen.
A multi-tasking groomsman also did the honors of officiating and playing with his trio for the cocktail hour. Another friend from Berklee DJed with a deliciously hefty dose of soul.? There was even a custom vodka and Domanie de Conton cocktail for the evening: The Four Aces.? Not that it took much to get them on the dance floor.

In this spectacle of sunbeams, two worlds united – and I mean that literally as well as figuratively. The personifications of Music (our handsome groom)? vs. Science (our radiant bride) as the allegorical rivals, matched for life. For fun. Not so much in competition, but in concert (yes, pun totally intended). This is blisswork.



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