Blisswork | New York Engagement Portaits | E & T

December 13, 2010

and some more:

I met E. through mutual friend at a bar in San Diego nearly six years ago. Turns out we grew up in the same neighborhood (Dot Rats, anyone?) and went to the same high school, are both the bewitching and cassic Boston mix of Italian and Irish and both have sisters named Christina.? And yet, strangely, we had never met before.? She extended an invitation to join her informal architects dive bar Wednesdays. I, of course, accepted.? And we have been friends since.? That’s what it takes to win me over, a few pints in a vinyl booth at an awesomely lousy bar.?? Erica moved to New York not long after we met, and then she met T. I went down to that other city to use Central Park as a location for their engagement portraits.? In the words of The Avett Brothers, in January they are getting married.? It will be their own winter classic.