Life Lessons from my clients of 2009

a List

  • E. & M. ? If you want to do something, DO it! And don?t apologize.
  • J. & J. ? Life is just a little bit better with champagne.
  • T. & R. ? It?s okay to giggle during meditation.
  • A. & J. ? Real men do cry. And you just might see the world through ros? colored glasses.
  • E. & J. ? What you do and how you choose to do it, is an accurate reflection of your life values.
  • JJ & J ? A civil marriage is worth truly celebrating.
  • K. & J. ? If you love ice cream sandwiches more than cake, serve ice cream sandwiches.
  • G. & D.? ? Unexpected pairings are often the best.
  • K. & J.? ? Sometimes it is true, love can conquer all. And a healthy does of classical references does a mind good.
  • C. & S. ? If once is good, twice is better.
  • V. & J. ? Boil it down to the essentials; partner, ceremony, family, food, wine, sweets, love.
  • M. & J. ? Graciously roll with the punches.