American Entrepreneurs | Heidi and Tim Uhl

April 4, 2009

The impetus for this project was to document The American Entrepreneur, and gauge how, if at all, the economy was affecting small business. After the first few interviews, we realized that the American Entrepreneur is already way ahead of the rest of the country.? Our project was becoming no longer about how small business owners are reacting to the downturn, but about how the innovation, community, and passion of these individuals has created ways for small business to thrive.

Like any small business owner, we learned from these first few interviews and adapted our project a little to better meet the needs of our subjects and followers.

These American Entrepreneurs in our portraits are not just masters of their craft.? Yes, of course, each of these American Entrepreneurs has worked hard create the best service and product. But what sets these entrepreneurs apart is their openness to share their expertise and advice with us and with you.

We hope that all of our portraits and interviews of entrepreneurs will inspire you and show us all ways to reach more customers, improve customer service, build community, embrace new technology, and something that is increasingly important; building sustainable business practices and strategies to do more with less.

Meet Time and Heidi Uhl of Retrospect Studios, there is much we can learn from them.


Their wedding and portrait photography business, Retrospect Studios,? is thriving.? Tim and Heidi are booked through the rest of this year, and Retrospect has increased to the point where they had to outsource their payments system and their main concern for the coming year was learning how to deal with growth.? Though the studio is physically located in Artspace City Center in downtown Salt Lake, Retrospect shoots weddings on both coasts.? The day we met them, they were busy packing their gear to head off to shoot Bridal Fashion Week in New York.

It became apparent after the first few minutes of speaking with them, that Tim and Heidi have incredible insight on how to make their business thrive.? Their images are beautiful, and this is important theme in our subjects; these entrepreneurs are great at what they do.

For Retrospect it?s not just about creating gorgeous images; Tim and Heidi have set themselves apart by accomplishing the following:? Tim has made himself a resource to leaders in the photography industry and in his community. Retrospect Studios has initiated a system for collecting money that preserves the creative rapport between artist and client.? And both Heidi and Tim acknowledged that part of their success is living in a community that that is affordable, and supportive to artists (art space) which allows them financial security and importantly the time and resources to play.

One of the biggest gems we heard from Heidi was that continued mastery of your craft comes from play with your passion.

Tim and Heidi, thank you for sharing so much about your journey as American Entrepreneurs and your business.

More details on Tim, Heidi and all the American Entrepreneurs we meet will be coming in May. ? The best ideas and encouragements from these interviews will be condensed to bite size genius moments on Twitter.

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