American Entrepreneur | Wesley Hill

April 11, 2009


Successful entrepreneurs, it’s time to get involved and give back. After interviewing Wesley Hill, we decided this was the opportunity to use this project to encourage and empower the next generation of entrepreneurs. Some of the people we are meeting need our help and our encouragement.? To continue to be successful in our entrepreneurial businesses, we have a responsibility to encourage strong new members to the small business community.

We’re issuing a call to action.

We ask those of you have already found success to please support those who need to know that they have what it takes.? Just a quick email or post could make all the difference in the world.? We know it did for us.? So here is your chance.

Let me introduce Wesley. The place where she is right now might sound familiar.


Wesley Hill was the first person that we?ve met in our journey who is in that initial stage of the entrepreneur?s journey.? She is at that turning point.? You know that place: she has found her passion, she has worked hard for years perfecting her craft, she has risen to the top of her profession, and yet she is still unsatisfied.? We all know what she needs to do:? she needs to believe in herself and in her dream.? With all of your help, this post will prove to Wesley that she is ready and already has everything she needs to be successful.

Here’s how Wesley describes her business aspiration: ?I am interested in national and international projects, working with people launching big projects that entail grant writing and obtaining grant funding. The business I am about to launch is about looking for what the need is.?

To us, it seemed obvious that Wesley has found her passion. Listen to the way she describes her chosen profession: ?I love grant writing. The most difficult grants I have written were for the national science foundation.? It?s very difficult to get a grant through the national science foundation.? It?s been very interesting learning the grant game; who?s giving out funds, what types of projects they are funding, where funding trends are going,? government funds and philanthropy in the private sector.? I actually like studying this and I like writing grants.?

Wesley describes herself as being successful at getting funds and having a passion for green energy.? In particular, she is interested in environmental programs on public lands.? She believes in these programs and will do what ever it takes to get them funded. Sound familiar?

She tells us that what is unique at this time in our country is that stimulus funds are coming out.? She knows there is money for entrepreneurs, non-profits and NGOs to fund projects in the right types of programs.? And she knows the game of what is being funded and how to tap into those funds.

In person, Wesley has a warm magnetism and welcoming smile.? Talking with her, we saw the drive, the personality and the skill to be a successful entrepreneur, but we also saw that she is not yet fully comfortable with telling others how great she is.? When asked what made her unique, she answered, ?Unique? I?m not sure, because there are great grant writers out there.? [You may recognize this place.? This can be the hardest part, that confidence that you can do what you love.] After a little probing and encouragement from her husband, she opened up a little more and told us about her background.

She has been with the National Geological Society for the last four years, running national and international public land programs. Her main passion is United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Sites.? UNESCO is headquartered in Paris, and is a large division of the United Nations. Wesley lived in Paris for two years working with the United Nations Environment Program and UNESCO identifying and designating world tourism sights.? After this position, Welsey was to be a selected to be a site evaluator by the World Conservation Union and UNESCO. This means that when a country puts forth a site to UNESCO and the World Conservation Union, based in Switzerland, she would go to the sites and help decided whether this site will get World Heritage status.

Previous to her partnership with UNESCO, Wesley spent ten years working with the forest service in conservation programs, environmental education, wilderness management, and outdoor recreation. She also worked in the private sector, spending two years at Nature Conservancy in fund raising.

We believe in Wesley Hill.? Wesley could be your source for obtaining funding for green projects from international, federal and state sources.? Show your support. Tell her that she is ready for this step. Help show her the way.? We need to have someone of her talents as part of our entrepreneur community.

Next up? Stay tuned for Wesley’s husband Clark Hill, master electrician….

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