American Entrepreneur | Paula Kidd Casey

April 13, 2009

Wichita, Kansas


Paula Kidd Casey, a Wichita based attorney, started her own law firm in 1986.? Two years ago, she was on a golf course chatting with her college roommate Sue Burnett about what was important to them. Paula really wanted to do something for the environment, and she mentioned to Sue that she was looking for some kind of reusable shopping bag system, but couldn?t find what she wanted.? Sue put the brakes on the golf cart. She had made the bag that Paula was looking for.? After a few revisions on Sue?s initial concept, the Sackaroo was born. Soon after, Sackaroos Reusable Bags was incorporated and the Website launched.

Sackaroos is a reusable bag system, handmade in America.? It is a compact shopping bag that hold multiple mesh bags.? Rather than having a motley assortment of canvas bags in the back of the car, consumers can use the neat Sackaroo system that contains four mesh bags. You can see through the mesh so you know which bags contain which foods, and each bag hold the same volume as a traditional paper grocery bag. The outside pocket of the Sackaroo can hold keys, a wallet and shopping lists.


Paula Kidd Casey, co- founder of Sackaroos, author of Getting the Bigger Picture in Your Divorce, and attorney based on Witchita, Kansas.

Sue Burnett still handles manufacturing. Mike Casey, Paula?s husband, works on the customer service and marketing, though he admits he?s at the beginning of the learning curve in terms of social media marketing.

Having experience in her own law firm gave Paula an understanding of what it takes to start a business. She told us that she had no preconceived notion that they would be millionaires in the first year. She reminded us that ?you have to be tenacious enough to stay with it and you have to be wiling to change when things happen.?


Paula Kidd Casey, co-founder of Sackaroos, and details of the reusable shopping bags.

Mike described Paula as having “a burning desire to do something other than practice law”.? He went on to explain, “She never says we can?t.? She says how can we? Grab hold, hang on and get out of her way.?

Paula has her own words of encouragement for burgeoning entrepreneurs, ?Think outside the box.? Be flexible with change.? Don?t be afraid to ask for help.

Paula doesn?t see herself as brave, she just wants new and exciting things in her life.? She is afraid of being the kind of person that doesn?t have the initiative to follow through on her ideas.? She doesn?t want to waste her passion.

In addition to her family law practice and Sackaroos, Paula has written a book, Getting The Bigger Picture In Your Divorce and it?s not the 60 inch TV. She also patented a magnetic counting bracelet called Counter Clock.

No passion being wasted here?!

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