American Entrepreneur | Michelle McCullough

April 5, 2009

Michelle McCullough created Doodads Promotional Products to serve the promotional needs of corporate clients and help other businesses bring their branding to new levels.? She met us in the Salt Lake City conference room of one of her clients, and wheeled in a large sample suitcase full of various items branded to particular clients; coffee cups, pens, notebooks, toy cars, bags, even a piggy bank.

Like many of the entrepreneurs we have spoken with,? Michelle isn’t phased by the economic downturn.? She is focused on finding ways to improve relationships with her current clients and she knows that Doodads is going to do more than just survive.

Michelle was educated in marketing and has 9 years of experience on her own.? She has a great relationship with her clients and her suppliers.? She seems to see nothing in front of her but opportunity.


Because she works with so many companies, Michelle is the unique position to see what thriving companies have in common.? The strengths she find in her clients also strengths she build in Doodads.
The two main areas she notices successful companies have in common:

1.? Continuing to invest? to customer service. In an effort to cut back costs,Michelle believes people are cutting back in the wrong place.?? She notices people are cutting back in places where she sees a negative affects in customer experience.
As business owners, Michelle encourages us all to ask ourselves “What can we do better? What can we do faster? What can we do more efficiently?
The best companies she works with are constantly evaluate their value propositions and communicate a clear mission statement to their customers.

2. Viewing suppliers as sources of education, feedback and inspiration. Michelle shared with us that she views her suppliers as her allies.? Doodads’ success is intertwined with Michelle’s relationship with her suppliers.? During her interview, Michelle never motioned pricing, but spoke of how one of her suppliers had helped her learn her business and improve her customer service.

Michelle sees her job right now to invest in customer service, go beyond her customers? expectations, and continue to learn more from her supplier. When we asked her what her hopes are for this year, her answer was ?I will double my income.?

We believe she can and will.

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