Today we set out on our journey to meet and photograph American Entrepreneurs.? Trent encouraged me to start my own business several years ago, and in 2008 I did the same for him.? As two small business owners, we’ve found this recent shift exciting, anxiety producing, even magical – opening doors we weren’t even dreaming of six months ago.
An Intimate Portrait of the American Entrepreneur. This is how is all begins:

  • Two adventurous American Entrepreneurs.
  • One adorable and furry snuggle machine a.k.a. Sadie, our dog.
  • One Corolla, packed to the gills with essentials.
  • Camera gear.
  • Twin portable hard drives- Yummy and Tickles.
  • Voice recorder and This American Life archives for interviewing inspiration.
  • Clothing for the cold altitudes and east coast attitudes ahead.
  • Emails, phone numbers and addresses of countless American Entrepreneurs between here and Boston.
  • Enthusiasm, moxie and vision.

The American Entrepreneur Project is sponsored in part by the automated marketing gurus at Infusionsoft and is championed by the spirited zeal of The Toilet Paper Entreprenuer and TPEs across the universe.

And we’re off!