macworld 2009

January 6, 2009

It’s been a long time since I had the working super-late/up super-early routine, and this morning I found myself in that bleary eyed semi-conscious state reminiscent of college; bathed and dressed before the sunrise, on a few hours sleep and ready to journey into the center of all things mac. ?And so, Trent and I met Brad Miller at the Moscone Center to catch the keynote at MacWorld. ?If any of you kept up with my tweeting this morning, I did my 140 characters at a time best, to chirp the best and most important tidbits. Nothing extraordinary was unveiled, but I’m interested to see if the new iMovie will be helpful with my new 5D mark II.

I was tickled to see?Chris Hardwick, memorable was the snarky disdain for his hosting position in the ever hilarious Shipmates.

Impressively, the keynote ended with a performance by Tony Bennett, pictured below.

I’m happy to see that Apple is leaning toward a more green family of notebooks, but I was waiting for a component to this greener family of notebooks that never came; proactive recycling of current generation of Mac products. Wouldn’t that make me all the more likely to buy a newer computer, instead of holding on to this one for another year?