Early Saturday morning, I was listening to NPR, and was struck by the phrase “overcoming my own sense of urgency.” The author was speaking to the need of remembering to be present in your own life, and how the everyday chores and to-do lists can overwhelm you to the point where you have to consciously make the decision to slow down and enjoy where you are.
I am not able to post image from Saturday’s wedding, but I did want to share a bit about it, as it was an example for me of being present, enjoying your time together, and being alive.

Each person is unique, each of us creating our own specific imprint on those around us. Each person, each family, each union. It is a priveledge to witness this regularly as a photographer, to witness and to document it. Saturday’s couple was truly present in their love, and speaking in their true voices.

The wedding was, simply put, beautiful; in its location, in the scope of friends and family gathered, and most importantly in an internal (and eternal) beauty of spirit.

The ceremony was held in a gorgeous pastoral setting, nestled between trees at the edge of Bolinas Lagoon. The service was pieced together of Buddhist and Jewish tradition, celebrated their love, and pledged growth. The ceremony was followed by family style dining in the candle and chandelier lit Peace Barn, and finally, much festive dancing. During his toast, the groom described his new wife as radiant, an apt word for her and for the entire wedding.

As I wound my way home, the headlights of the car caught the antler of a deer standing at the side of the road. I slowed down, and looked at it, really took the time to look at the deer, while he looked at me.