E pluribus unum – It was truly an American marriage, the twining of two adventurous souls, a celebration combining not only two people, but many families, cultures, traditions seamlessly, where the sum was substantially greater than its’ parts. Out of many, one.
The ceremony was held at the Swedenborgian church, an historic landmark here in San Francisco. The chapel is an intimate space made of handcrafted wooden pews, high windows bringing in streams of light, with the other walls bathed in candle light. Those congregated for the ceremony were sisters, brothers, friends from college, law school, childhood, nieces, nephews; all in attendance to witness and share an exchange of vows.

The bride and groom had issued invitations to close friends to read and sing at the service their thoughts, advice and poems on marriage and relationships. The groom sang a traditional African American spiritual in 4 part harmony with his siblings. All of this unified many voices into one communal voice in support and advocacy of their vows.

The couple later celebrated in true bay area foodie style, breaking bread at Greens in Fort Mason, enjoying a full vegetarian meal with featuring local produce and artisanal cheese, and ending with a chocolate laden desert bar. Everyone ate, and drank and visited to the mellow soundtrack of love songs, including a ‘make-out’ song to which the bride and groom disappeared around the corner for a bit of privacy.

Unfortunately, I am not able to share any images from last Sunday’s wedding, but it was a special day and a touching display of love, though I find it worthy of sharing a few words.