wedding postcard from – Scituate, Massachusetts

July 12, 2008

Margot, one of my dearest and oldest friends, owns a complete and unapologetic enthusiasm for life. Truly, and always, herself with a wonderfully timed dash of slapstick thrown in. As my friend, she has stood by me, as side by side we made our way through the trials of adolescence. School dances, sleep-overs, double dates, inevitable heartaches, and various teenage misadventures not to recounted here. Needless to say, my emotional connection to this wedding was immediate. And I am so thrilled and honored to have been chosen to document and witness (through my lens) the bliss of their wedding day.
Margot approaches everything with zeal, and her wedding was no exception.  Matt, her new husband, seems to have every bit the humor and enjoyment of life that she does. Matt is a kind, wonderfully supportive partner to one of my dearest friends. I’m proud to have been a part of their marriage, and to be a part of the community of friends and family that were with them as they became partners in life.

They chose a Saturday in June; a beach house wedding in Scituate at Minot Beach. The ceremony held on the lawn between her family’s twin Victorian beach homes, and the respective back yards united under an enormous white tent. Beaming in delight, they said their vows with amazement and acknowledgement in their eyes.
Periwinkle-blue silk bridesmaids dresses, and a sash for the bride in the same color to accent the wedding gown, the
grromsmen dressed in classic New England navy blazers with creamy yellow ties and khakis. It was perfect summer’s afternoon wedding attire. The homes had been repainted and were in their coordinating displays of colors. Peonies sat in in glass jars at intervals alongside wicker chairs on the wrap-around porches. Baskets of sandals were thoughtfully set out for feet tired of dancing in party shoes. A sand strewn table of beach pebbles and starfish served for table cards.
Big familes on both sides alongside boisterous groups of friends from high school, college and work; everyone in attendance spent the rest of the evening celebrating. The men in the wedding party treated everyone to a loosely choreographed and joyously performed dance and pyramid formation to Mr. Roboto.

After the cake was served, the ice cream truck Margot had hired came up to the lawn, and the subsequent line of guests were ready to tuck into a choco taco or a strawberry shortcake ice cream bar. The guests were joined by a line of inquisitive and large eyed neighborhood children who were lured over by the jingle.

The party kept on after the band departed, with Matt’s ipod mix of classic rock and suddenly appeared trays of Fenway Franks and little bags of potato chips. The remaining party goers, at the end of the night, in exhaustion and contentment, sat on the porches enveloped in the cooling fog drifting over the shore.

Yes, perhaps I am waxing on and this is a kind of love letter to Margot and Matt.

Here are a few of the many favorites from the day.

rings oyster




bouquets and sash




father daughter dance

mother son dance