It’s been an interesting two weeks of visiting people, making portraits of old friends, new friends, and little children new to the world.
It is energizing to feel and see these things reflected in people I care about; to those people who struggled and worked for happiness, for success, for families, for life. Friends whose life paths are opening to something new, paths that are revealing themselvs in directions that a decade ago, two decades ago we might not have thought possible or probable. Paved with experience, disappointments, reverse directions, the best intentions.

Many friends whom are nearly a decade out of school, seeing their work, dreams, sidebars, all come together for them. The energies invested and the diligence put into programs, jobs, busniess, personal exploarions and relationships come to fruition. Seeing this makes everything seems worthwhile. Life affirming. a good gift of awareness to me, on the 2 year anniversary of such a life changing incident. A reminder.

My husband reminds me often. To enjoy life, to make our time here together count, to move with purpose through the world.