wedding postcard from – Santa Cruz Mountains

June 12, 2008

Early on Saturday morning, our car climbed up into the Santa Cruz mountains and then wound down into the lush green estate, Nestldown.Dominique and Jonathan were married in a magical little spot at the base of the redwood trees, nestled in the cool shade, along the water. Their ceremony was completed by a reading from Khalil Gibran.
The venue was lovely, and we were thrilled that the bride and groom took some time with me ham it up a little in the tiniest of all hedge mazes and pose in the accompanying miniature cottage, also known as Snow White’s Cabin. Inside the cabin, Jonathan jokingly offered an apple to his new wife.
Since these lovebirds met while still in high school, on the way to the banquet, we took a short detour to the very campus where they first met. Turned out it was SAT day, and so we tried not to be distracting to anyone who was embroiled in any dreadful Saturday testing.
Later, at Fu Lam Mum, a short tea ceremony was followed by a full Chinese banquet. Delicious! Once dinner was served, Dominique changed back into her white gown, and the DJ opened the dance floor to the guests with some Rolling Stones.

They are such a gentle, generous and loving couple.

Here are a few of our favorites from their wedding:

wedding flowers and bouquet

mother of bride placing veil

walking down the aisle

groom waiting for bride

wedding rings

wedding couple


first dance

wedding couple at banquet