Portrait – the Milbury Molecule

June 26, 2008

As my mother quotes, there’s nothing so lovely as a day in June. Though my experience of the seasons is much more mild now that I live on the west coast, I can still appreciated these perfect weather days as compared to the cold winters of my youth, that are still etched deep in my bones.
And to spend such a June day with a dear friend and her adorable daughter, to delight in a New England summers day, to feel a buttery wind across the pond, to take respite in the the dappled light, to swim out into a pond and be on all sides surrounded by trees and blue skies, and to continue to savor the day in the mix of pond and sunscreen on my skin.  It was wonderful.

All of this happened yesterday when I took off for Walden Pond with my close friend from college, Ilana Krepchin and her four month old daughter Molly, who due to her inherent smallness has earned the nickname ‘molecule’ from her cousin Rex.

Molly and I hung out at the water’s edge while her mom swam into the center of the pond and back out again. In her little sun-dress, Ilana bounced her around and dipped her toes in the water.  I told her about the wonders of pond swimming, after all this is no doubt the pond in which she will learn to swim, and the summer spot where she will remember picnicking with her parents.

Big blue eyes, and with an occasional chirp into the conversation to remind us of her presence, she was an easy baby to photograph.

Here a some of my favorites from our mini-session at Walden Pond.



kiss on the cheek

mom and daughter

baby girl

blue eyes