This week, I’ve been in and out of the galleries showcasing Annie Leibovitz’ show from her book A Photographer’s Life. The show iteself is an amazing catalog of images, from large scale, often color, public images created as portraits for magazines to very personal intimate (in nature and scale) work of her private life. Together the images weave an immense narrative of voyuerism and performance.
It’s interesting to walk through the galleries, which almost function as a pop culture timeline, with Annie’s references in her own life, and you can also remember at which point in your life you were when Johnny Depp and Kate Moss were together, or when the first Bush cabinet assembled in the Oval Office.

The end of the exhibit showcases two walls of prints, obsessively cataloged and flyered across yards of space. Here the narrative becomes more dense and the sizes of the images so similar it becomes harder to distinguish the personal from the private.

Go see this is you can.